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I always wonder, who built this cabin? I bet they had independent contractors working on it. You think spirits know how to build? All they know is haunt and kill.

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Turns out the spirits saw that episode of It’s Always Sunny in which Charlie pukes blood on that girl.

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this is an Ash’s right hand appreciation post.

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Ash, bro, how are you even still scared of anything at this point? 

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Don’t you just love how many continuity errors there are in this movie?

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Linda stop, you’re being a butthole.

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Hi (again) Linda. Your body certainly has decomposed quite quickly.

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Demons run quite fast. Do they use Nike or Adidas ?

Neither, they use PF Flyers (the sandlot reference)

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for fuck’s sake Ash, did you not know that the bridge would be all torn up, come on mate, grow a brain.

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"this baby came out of you but im not 100% sure its yours"

Funny thing - a woman who applied for welfare after her husband left her hadto supply DNA evidence he was actually the father. The results: he was definitely the father, but she wasn’t the mother. Her children were removed from her custody and she was sued for fraud, even though she insisted they were her children. 

Turns out, she wasn’t a surrogate or a kidnapper (the two most obvious explanations) - she was a chimera. As an embryo, she fused at a very early stage with her twin, forming one individual. Her ovaries apparently developed from cells that had originally belonged to her vanished twin. Later on more tests showed that while the woman’s skin and hair DNA did not match her childrens, DNA taken from her cervix did. 


This went from stupid to really interesting in point 5 seconds.

Might I also add that a Chimera is a mythical dragon creature with the head of a dragon,  the head of an eagle, and the head of a lion… also creepy how they call the embryo thing that… coincidence?

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That’s some nice looking mud.

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Bye (again) Linda.

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Hi Linda

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Ash you fucking know Linda’s dead as balls

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